Meet Charlie

One thing I want my readers too know when visiting my blog, is that I am accessible and open. I always want to talk and have conversations, wether its about my school day, art history itself, or even if you have something you want to debate about. Thats why I made this page, so you can know a little more about me- other than my first, short introductory, blog post.

I live in London. London is a hub for the creative world. Being born here, with two American parents, I have always been fascinated by the art world. Having a mother who works in fashion and father who also had a passion for art aided my education as I was frequently at galleries. I rapidly became glued to certain artists, places and pieces themselves, and just like that- I knew it was a lifelong passion.

As I grew older, I started to get a broader understanding of the art world, and my eyes were always peeled by the things around me. It’s all beauty, that we are surrounded by. I started to take an art history course and gain a much deeper understanding of the subject itself, and learned to look at art in a way that I never knew one could. It fascinated me and to this day- I am enthralled and excited by the class.

If you ever want to reach out and contact me to speak, please don’t hesitate, questions excite me!

My Instagram for Art History is @arthistorycentral and my personal is @thecharliewalker ❤️